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Killer Food

Text : Cassandra Sorensen

Hi! I’m Cass
24 years old
From Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

Welcome to my column about
Food, Fashion, and everything else I love
in Tokyo, Japan.

I was born in a small town in Minnesota, USA,
I am a country girl at heart ~ living the big city life here in Tokyo.


March officially makes it a year now that I have been here in Japan. I left behind my family, friends, and my career to brave a whole new kind of lifestyle. I decided to come on this adventure to Japan with my boyfriend, Berekk. Japan is the first country I have been to outside of the USA, so it was that much more exciting to me to get here! I embraced the term YOLO-“You only live once”- full on by jumping on that flight from Phoenix to Tokyo. My life has been nothing less than exciting since! I have met so many wonderful people here in Japan so far. Recently through some of my Japanese friends I was introduced to Masami(-Founder of Mirroir)! And together we decided that I should write a column providing my thoughts and opinions on the never-ending excitement of Tokyo!

I enjoy making new friends, trying new food, and experiencing new things. I believe that is what life is all about.

Dr. Seuss explains it best in this quote,
“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the only one who will decide where to go…”

During March Madness here in Tokyo I experienced many “firsts” which included:
-Watching all the brave runners take on the Tokyo Marathon
-Spending a day in a real recording studio
-Surviving my first FUGU meal!
This killer food is a dining experience you will never forget!


For those who do not know me, sushi is not my favorite, to say the least. Before Japan I was a very “picky” eater, meaning I barely tried anything new. Now my appetite has completely changed, its crazy the things you will try when you are HUNGRY 😛


Although I am now quite the adventurous taster, I still do not enjoy all foods. To my surprise though, I LIKED Fugu!


Funny part of the story is while I was enjoying this delicious meal with my Japanese friend I had absolutely no idea that Fugu is potentially deadly to humans if prepared incorrectly! On my train ride home I was just interested in exactly what type of fish I had just eaten…Google tells me Fugu=a poinous pufferfish…Say What!? I had a semi-panic attack, texted my family loving messages and went to sleep hoping I would wake up fine 😛
Of course everything is all fine and dandy with me now! I highly recommend trying Fugu while here in Japan! Knocked that one off the bucket list ✓

IMG_7040-1I am looking forward to Hanami parties at the end of this month/beginning of April!
Read my monthly column on Tokyo life from the eyes of me! A foreign resident.

Thanks for reading,

Cassandra Sorensen
Born in the USA in 1989. From Scottsdale, Arizona. Six years ago I went to a prestigious beauty college in Scottsdale, and I became a licensed Aesthetician. For the last five years, before Japan, I worked as an Aesthetician in high-end resorts and day spas in Arizona. I arrived in Japan in March 2013. In Japan I enjoy teaching English, and living the interesting life as a foreigner. I am your Tokyo Eye!